Dear Delta Agent: Do Not Lie to Me


Mixed emotions about this blog post. It has potential to be misconstrued into something I don’t want, but I think I need to say it. Dear Delta gate agent (OK, any airline agent), do not lie to your customer. I just boarded a Delta flight from DCA. I’m on my way home now climbing through 14,000 feet. Life is good. I was a little late getting to the boarding gate today, admittedly. But sometimes, that happens when you have…..a life, a job, etc. In fact, I was so late getting to the gate that the majority of the flight had boarded, and I, a lowly dirt Silver Medallion, was number one on the upgrade list. (I don’t make these things…

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Flight Fuel: Delta’s New Inflight Dining Program

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Delta Air Lines is re-imagining its inflight dining program for main cabin customers. Beginning June 1, Flight Fuel will replace the EATS menu on flights over 900 miles in North America. According to Delta, “The newly branded Flight Fuel program extends far beyond a name change, it’s really about introducing multiple new menu offerings and providing transparency into ingredient and allergen information for customers,” said Allison Ausband, Delta’s Senior Vice President of In-Flight Service. “This latest enhancement is another step in the right direction for Delta as we continue to improve the overall customer experience and provide a variety of fresh, healthy options in flight.” Three Flight Fuel Menus Flight Fuel – most flights over 900 miles Flight Fuel Premium –…

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Delta Repairs an Upgrade Problem

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Delta SkyMiles companion upgrades have been a pet-peeve of mine….well….forever. Nothing more annoying than seeing yourself glued to the bottom of the upgrade list just because you had the audacity to take a trip with your spouse. Frankly, if anyone at Delta asked me for my opinion, I would tell them that this bugs me more than award availability. Well, the folks at SkyMiles are about to make the second positive change to the Medallion upgrade program in just a few weeks as RenésPoints wrote last night. According to, “We recently surveyed our Medallion members about our companion policy for Complimentary Upgrades, and a majority of you voted that Medallion members traveling with a companion should clear for Complimentary Upgrades…

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The Morning After: Delta Comfort Plus

Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 8.32.17 PM

Delta Medallions are getting used to a new way of doing business as of May 16th.  As you may know, Monday was the day that Delta Comfort+™ seats became a separate class of service for booking purposes and Medallion eligibility for an “upgrade” to Comfort+ began being managed more like traditional elite “upgrades” than a better seat most Medallions were always eligible for. Let’s review just a few highlights of what has changed. Medallions remain eligible for complimentary “upgrades” to Comfort+. Diamonds and Platinums are eligible at booking, and Golds and Silvers are eligible at three days and one day prior to travel. You need to request the “upgrade”. If you have the audacity to travel with a companion, your “upgrade”…

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VIDEO: Royal Caribbean Takes Delivery of World’s Largest Cruise Ship

royal caribbean, 2016-2017 itineraries

Royal Caribbean International has accepted delivery of its 25th vessel, Harmony of the Seas, a ship that just happens to be the world’s largest cruise ship. Enjoy this Saturday’s video featuring the 2,100 crew from 77 countries that make Harmony of the Seas the vacation adventure it promises to be. (Feature image courtesy of Royal Caribbean International)  

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Appreciating the LUV But Southwest is Different

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I took advantage of a Southwest Airlines A-List promo that I wrote about not too long ago. A-List has been helpful, but not life-changing. Previously, I’d always managed to set a calendar alert and get myself checked in for a decent boarding group. When I’ve suspected I might not be able to do so, I’ve never hesitated to spring for Early Bird Check-in. That said, it’s nice not having to think about getting checked in for a flight. Of course, there are other benefits to having A-List like 25 percent bonus points on flights and a dedicated A-List phone line, though I’ve yet to need to call for anything. If A-List guaranteed me an exit row, I might call it…

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News You Can Use: Delta Shuttle, SMD7, and More


Just a few of the most interesting nits and noids in travel news today: Delta announced an expansion of west coast services today, introducing its Delta Shuttle® product in the Seattle market. According to Delta, flights to Los Angeles will be operated with a mix of 737s and 717s, while flights to San Francisco will be operated by its affilliate carrier, Compass Airlines, using Embraer E-175 jets with a two-class cabin. Beginning May 11, Delta Shuttle customers departing Seattle for Los Angeles or San Francisco will enjoy Delta Shuttle amenities like dedicated check-in counters, convenient gates, complimentary meals in First Class, complimentary in-flight beer, wine, and spirits in all classes, and more. See Delta’s press release for complete details. Star MegaDO 7 sold out in under an hour…

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Delta Sows Some Pricing Oats

delta fares

Forget about SkyMiles for a minute and let me be clear – I like flying Delta. And not just because their largest hub is less than a 20 minute Uber ride from my front porch. The airline runs like a well-oiled machine most of the time, and being an ex-airline ops guy, they get the things right that I appreciate most. I rarely worry about a delay when I book a Delta flight. Sometimes they happen, but things almost always work out as well as they possibly could. Delta people are almost always polite and helpful. In the few instances a year that I check a bag, I’ve never waited an excessive amount of time at baggage claim. In Atlanta, I rarely…

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Delta Further Improves Inflight Internet Offering

delta wifi, delta air lines, gogo

Delta Air Lines is increasing its commitment to GoGo’s latest inflight internet technology, making gate to gate internet access available on more aircraft. GoGo’s 2Ku internet provides uninterrupted coverage just about everywhere, worldwide. It also offers better bandwidth and speed than GoGo’s older ATG technology, and will even feature video streaming. Beginning this summer, Delta passengers will be able to use Wi-Fi and in-flight entertainment from gate to gate on 2Ku-enabled aircraft. Better yet, later this year Delta will offer guests the ability to watch live TV from their own devices on aircraft equipped with 2Ku internet. According to Delta, “2Ku installation has already started on Delta’s Boeing 737-800 and Airbus A319 fleets, and additional fleets will be retrofitted with the new system. By the end of 2016, Delta will…

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The Fly Delta Jets Sign Has More of a Story Than I Thought


Today, I learned that the giant “Fly Delta Jets” sign that tops the Delta Tech Ops hangar at Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport has more of a story than I knew. But more on that in a minute. Delta and StoryCorps have begun a partnership to preserve stories and culture from Delta’s storied history. The first phase of the partnership launched in April, when StoryCorps visited aDelta’s offices in Atlanta to record personal accounts of Delta people reflecting on the airline’s culture, mission and values. Delta expects the partnership to expand to include stories from Delta customers. The airline also plans to share a larger collection of stories inflight via Delta Studio. The first interview is a chat between Ed Bastian, Delta’s new CEO, and Glen Hauenstein, President of Delta. According…

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