NCL is running a pretty hot promotion right now if you’re in the market for a cruise. When booking an oceanview or higher stateroom you can choose one of four enhancements for your cruise vacation including: Free Ultimate Beverage Package for the first two stateroom guests Free Ultimate Dining Package for all stateroom guests Free… Read full article

It was a busy week here at MJ on Travel that started off righteously at the FTU DFW event. Then I cycled back up to DC for a very busy week of work. It’s been a while since I took a 7-night business trip, but thankfully, my packing skills haven’t deteriorated that much. I’m back on… Read full article

I really try to avoid flying on Fridays. It’s busy. Flights are packed. Airports are packed. Everyone just wants to get home. Generally, I plan my days around sticking to the flights I have booked, but sometimes, things line up in a way that you need to change plans. While Delta’s more restrictive same day… Read full article

OK, I’ll admit it – this picture was from my first paid Starwood Hotel stay in quite a while. For the record, no…that’s not my bed after I left for the day and hung the do not disturb sign on the door. That’s how I found things after I returned from a day of work… Read full article

Bloomberg news is reporting that American Airlines Group CEO, Doug Parker, has switched to a compensation plan that includes only stock. He will no longer receive a cash salary. According to the article, “The change, effective immediately, reflects confidence in the growth opportunities at the world’s largest carrier, Parker said in a message to employees… Read full article

In the “it’s about time” category, Hertz has announced it will be adding 350,000 new vehicles to its fleet of rental cars in 2015. Here’s what Hertz says it will be doing in 2015. 350,000 new vehicles to the U.S. fleet Approximately 60% of all vehicles will be getting a makeover Enhanced style and safety in… Read full article

I’ll be out of pocket for most of this week. While I will be posting new content as I can, here’s a Best of MJ post with tips for first time cruisers. I get a lot of questions about cruising. They run the gamut from “what part of the ship should I book a stateroom”… Read full article

Today, around 7pm I walked into my hotel room after a day of work. Nothing unusual about that. The coffee was replaced, the towels fresh, all was well except this. Notice anything unusual?  As far as I’m concerned, my bed looks like someone went for a romp in it while I was at work. You’ll… Read full article

My wife, God bless her, has a saying – life is too short for cheap wine and bad coffee. You know what else life is too short for? Beating your computer in the middle of the Admirals Club. I’m sitting in the lounge as I type minding my own business when some nondescript guy walks… Read full article

I just returned from the Frequent Traveler University event in Dallas/Fort Worth. It’s been a bit since I attended a FTU, and it was good to be there again. One of the things that struck me was the number of new faces in attendance. There is immense interest in the hobby, and it was good to… Read full article

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