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Seriously, am I the only person in the world that actually likes the new United (aka old Continental) livery?  For some reason, I’ve always kinda dug the globe on the blue tail.  Below is the shot of the 747-400 in the new livery.  Wonder when the Mileage Plus Visa will wear the new logo?

Photo: United-Continental Holdings

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  1. I personally dislike it. For all it’s faults, United had a very good visual identity program. Strong logo, great type, (reasonably) consistent usage.

    Continental’s whole visual identity program has always felt cheap to me. Off-the-shelf script, inconsistent usage, weak logo.

    Ironically, Saul Bass designed both the current United Tulip and the previous Continental logo.


  2. I happen to agree with you. I think it’s good branding and a fine looking livery. It connects the two “old” airlines in a great way. United’s old (sometimes) gray was downright ugly. And inconsistent. As a marketing/branding guy, I think the new United made the right move in a combo logo/look.

  3. I like the new united logo – visually it is easier to grasp and the globe logo reminds people the many places that the airline travels. I found the old united logo on the tail a little too abstract and the gradient color scheme did not help. The globe is much more easy to grasp.

  4. While it looks like you are not the only one, you are one of the very few. The “Blue Rising” livery was so many times better than this. Essentially this new livery in Continental with a different name on the side, which is stupid because United name and tulip is perhaps one of the most well know airline logos in the world, whereas Continental may be the most well known at Newark and George Bush Intercontinental, but other than that I don’t think there is very good brand recognition.
    They at least could’ve come up with a new livery to refresh it a little bit instead of using a decades old crappy livery.

  5. Yes…You are.

    I hate the new “paint job”

    They should have kept the United “tulip”

    Comment by Robert Harrington on February 24th, 2012 at 10:07 am

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