A Brief Word About Delta Getting Into The Oil Business

I don’t typically comment on airline business decisions, and I’m not really making an exception for this. It’s just that I’ve read some interesting thoughts on Delta’s decision to purchase an oil refinery, so interesting that the totality of all the other musings about it have led me to want to say something….anything. Maybe I’m reading too critically, but the tone of most of the postings I’ve read strikes me as overwhelmingly negative and critical. Don’t misunderstand, there are about 10 zillion things that could go wrong with this.

On the other hand, I think Delta deserves some applause for having the cajones to try something different and a little outside the box. On the surface at least, it sounds like it might work. I’m not smart enough to know, but I’ll admit that where others won’t. I will make one prediction, this will either turn out to be the best airline idea in history or a bad idea (but not the worst in history 🙂 ). Only time will tell. In the meantime, I’m willing to give Delta the benefit of the doubt on this one.

Now about that Delta.com award booking engine……

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  1. Looks like they have already begun to raise their price to help pay for the new purchase.

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