My Vacation 101 Presentation at the Chicago Seminars

I know I’ve been promising a post on my Chicago Seminars talk on cruising for far too long now. Unfortunately, getting prepped for a 3-week sabbatical has proven to  be more time consuming than I could have imagined. My plan was to build this elaborate post with all kinds of context surrounding my slides, but there is no way I’m going to get that done before I leave for Rome tomorrow. In the meantime, I thought I would try posting the presentation on its own. If any of my talking points lead to questions, please comment, and maybe we can get a good discussion going right here.

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Marshall Jackson is a former airline pilot, grounded by diabetes. After spending several years in operations management, he exited the airline business for a more stable career. But that hasn't dampened his interest in airplanes, airlines and travel in general.

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  1. It seems to me that FF redemption for cruising makes no sense. Are there *any* exceptions to the rule?

  2. I am doing some research on this, and it will be the subject of a future post. In general, I concur. It is best to use your miles to fly to the ship in comfort. 🙂 There are some interesting exceptions that I am studying, including one reader supplied solution to save money on a particular shore excursion which I thought was innovative. Details to come.

  3. I love cruising but I’m a mature single and the added charge for one person versus two makes cruising less attractive than other travel options. Do you know of any cruise lines that target singles? Note that I’m 50 so not interested in any twenty something singles cruises.
    Thanks for any info you can provide!

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