Celebrity Reflection – I’m Still Here

In retrospect, it was probably not my brightest moment to think that I would be able to blog almost every day of this nearly 3-week trip. Our 14-night cruise on the beautiful new Celebrity Reflection is getting closer to its end, but we’re not done yet. We spent today in Rome, and tomorrow, Florence. We’ll sail to Provence, France, on Saturday before disembarking on Sunday in Barcelona. It’s been a phenomenal cruise, but one of the busier I’ve taken. With only 2 sea days on a 14-night itinerary (though we gained an extra when we skipped Rhodes), I have frankly been busy touring!

I’ve taken some 700 pictures, and have experienced wonderful things, all of which will appear on this blog over the next several weeks for I think it’s an experience worth sharing. In the meantime, your tolerance of a less than optimal posting schedule is appreciated!!

From high above Anacapri

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