It Is Possible to Be in Touch With Your Finances and Earn 10,000 Delta MQMs

Wow, yesterday’s post struck a nerve, a positive one. I got a lot of great comments on my little dilemma about being so close to the spend threshold with my Delta SkyMiles Platinum Amex that would net me a 10,000 Medallion Qualifying Mile (MQM) bonus. I know the post sounded like I had made up my mind, but I really had not. The comments offered a lot of great advice, but the final word came from non other than MrsMJonTravel. She read my blog post and said you have to do it or you will kick yourself next year.

Just in case you were wondering, I always listen to my wife. So…. in the last 24 hours, I have made 2 visits to the local CVS, met a friend called Vanilla, and another called BlueBird and solidified my collection of an additional 10,000 Delta MQMs. Details about the whole thing will be in a soon to be posted future blog post.

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Marshall Jackson is a former airline pilot, grounded by diabetes. After spending several years in operations management, he exited the airline business for a more stable career. But that hasn't dampened his interest in airplanes, airlines and travel in general.

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