Mr. Crandall Thinks

Of course, being an ex-American Airlines employee, Bob Crandall is really known as Mr. Crandall to me. If you didn’t know, Mr. Crandall does write a blog called Bob Crandall Thinks. You can read his latest post here.

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Marshall Jackson is a former airline pilot, grounded by diabetes. After spending several years in operations management, he exited the airline business for a more stable career. But that hasn't dampened his interest in airplanes, airlines and travel in general.

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  1. Thanks for sharing Bob Crandall’s blog. I have been following it for a while, and find he makes a huge amount of sense. If only the major news channels followed suit!

  2. Brilliant! Common sense survives in the wilderness created by our politicians fear of the electorate and Americans’ out-of-control sense of entitlement. It’s time to accept that we need across-the-board tax increases for the larger good, even if it means we must curtail discretionary spending. Nobody needs $7 cups of coffee and new SmartPhones every time a new color comes out. Everybody needs infrastructure, social programs, and national security. Wonder if “Mr Crandall” would consider running for national office–that would put the fear of God into our elected officials. Long after he left American Airlines, his mere appearance in the terminal had us all scrambling!

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