Life After Google Reader

Google Reader has been my salvation in managing what seems like a nonstop flow of information on just about all things travel. So I was quite disappointed to learn that Google Reader would be heading to interweb heaven in July. There are alternatives out there. After reading numerous articles on the topic, I tried Feedly, and I love it so far. I have the Safari extension for my MacBook Air, the iPhone app, and the iPad app. I really like the “magazine style” display of information. As much as I like Feedly, I’m sure there are others out there that are quite good as well. What will replace Google Reader for you?

-MJ, March 24, 2013

About Marshall Jackson

Marshall Jackson is a former airline pilot, grounded by diabetes. After spending several years in operations management, he exited the airline business for a more stable career. But that hasn't dampened his interest in airplanes, airlines and travel in general.

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  1. I like Feedly so much, I can finally quit reading these blog posts and other articles talking incessantly about alternatives to Google Reader 🙂

  2. I use netvibes. I set up my own dashboard with the feed for Boarding Area bloggers and other related bloggers on points and miles. I have all of my hotel memberships and airline feeds. At a glance I can choose what I want to click on and read more deeply. With netvibes it’s easy also to see which bloggers repost the same material, too.

  3. I am low tech. Never got started with Google Reader, so nothing to miss. My strategy is to keep all blogs in bookmark folders and open the entire folder in tabs. Has worked for me, but would you recommend something else as better?

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