The Delta First Class Lunch Salad

It’s been a while since I was on a lengthy enough Delta flight to enjoy a meal other than breakfast, so I thought a quick 10PM blog post was in order. I was traveling from San Francisco to Atlanta on a Delta A320. Not exactly the best equipment for a transcon flight, but I purposely chose seat 1C, a bulkhead aisle, for the flight based on some reviews I had read about tight pitch in the other seats. The seat turned out just fine, and hey…there was even a meal. The original plan was for a hot and cold choice, but the ovens on our A320 were out of service. A quick thinking red coat procured six sandwiches to replace the hot meal setup. The cold meal was a steak salad which I chose.

The salad turned out to be quite tasty with very fresh ingredients, a generous portion of steak, potatoes, and a side of fruit that was surprisingly fresh and good. Paired with a red wine, non Luxury Bar brand 😉 and capped off with a brownie for dessert. Lunch was actually…..well…. good.

Delta First Class Lunch, SFO-ATL

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  1. Putting on my nutritionist hat, I’d say that the salad had way too much protein and carbohydrate in it, and way too little vegetable. As for all the goo it’s mixed up with, it’s simply not a healthy lunch and particularly unsuited to sedentary air travel.

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