Enchantment of the Seas – First Impressions

MJ on Travel is back on land after an all too short four night cruise aboard Royal Caribbean’s Enchantment of the Seas. Now based in Port Canaveral and placed on short three and four day cruises, Enchantment is a real upgrade in the short cruise market for Royal Caribbean in my opinion. A few observations:

  • The ship is absolutely beautiful. I was surprised at how good the ship looked inside.
  • Love the Chops Grille option on a short cruise.
  • Love the big screen TV on the pool deck.
  • Speaking of the pool deck, I think Enchantment’s is one of my favorites.
  • Nice crew.
  • Loved having a concierge lounge on a short cruise, and the fact that the lounge is hosted by an awesome concierge, so much the better!
  • Port Canaveral is easy, but they sure do have a lot of rules like 2 to 3 steps between people on the escalator, and no wearing the wrong kind of shoes on the escalator.

Stay tuned for my full cruise review!

-MJ, August 23, 2013



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  1. Enchantment is a pretty darn good ship definitely helped by the stretch! I was on her for a five night out of Baltimore in 2011 and it was great. Can’t compare to Allure but still a great ship and now has me actually interested in the three night cruises as the Majesty/Monarch seem awful to me.

  2. @Jeremy,

    Majesty, and to a slightly lesser extent Monarch, were like old friends. Majesty is a favorite of mine just because of the Key West stop. But if I were picking just based on the ship, there’s no contest…. Enchantment wins.

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