Contest Closed – Winner TBA on Saturday

Hey, it’s Friday!!!! My favorite day of the week other than Saturday, Sunday, and Vacation Day! :) I stumbled across a couple of GoGo wi-fi passes in my desk drawer last night, and I could not think of anything better to do than give them away. The two passes expire on December 31, 2013.

The Rules

  • Contest opens August 30, 2013 at 9:30am EDT.
  • Contest closes August 30, 2013 at 11:59pm EDT.
  • Enter by commenting to this thread with a few words about how inflight wi-fi has changed the way you fly.
  • Enter only once.
  • Please include your email address so I may contact the winner. If the first randomly chosen winner does not respond with 72 hours, I will move on to another entrant.
  • The winner will be chosen using on Saturday, August 31, 2013.

Now, go for it!

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100 Responses

  1. In flight WI-FI allows me to read boarding area blogs on the plane.

  2. Because you want to check out your arrival gate, departure gate,next flight, etc. to ensure you know where you are going and if things are on time.

  3. In-flight wifi had made it so that I can work while I am on the plane with no interruptions!

  4. I no longer need to sleep on flights as I have something to keep me busy

    Comment by ripvanwinkle2 on August 30th, 2013 at 7:51 am
  5. I am now able to keep in contact with people via messaging apps, text or emails inflight. I like it because it also helps the time pass.

  6. Having wi-fi has allowed me to be able to work while in flight. This gives me more time to just relax once I reach my destination!

  7. It allows me to keep up on what is going on while inflight

  8. In flight wi-fi lets me get some work done while up in the air.

  9. I like being able to read the news without taking up my neighbor’s space with a full sized paper.

  10. It’s wonderful to be as productive in the air as on the ground.

  11. Inflight wifi has changed the way I fly because now I don’t have to read a book.

  12. In-flight wifi lets me track my flights progress on FlightAware, even on planes without personal IFE screens, which helps dissolve a lot of the anxiety about flying for me.

  13. It hasn’t changed the way I fly, but it might if I win this prize. Next flight scheduled 31st October out of TPA.

  14. In-flight Wi-Fi has made it possible for me to keep reacting and responding to e-mail from customers and colleagues while on the plane. I no longer face a huge inbox upon landing from hours disconnected.

  15. No more inflight boredom!

  16. they do make long flights seem significantly shorter… as long as you have the battery life or power on your seat :)

  17. Gogo helps me stay in touch and catch up on work during flights.

    Comment by deltaflyer on August 30th, 2013 at 8:18 am
  18. I can stay in touch with the office and not have hours of pure unproductiveness.

  19. Even with so many entertainment options on board now, I still prefer connecting with friends & family over internet chatting. That’s only achievable with Wi Fi!

  20. It keeps my fingers sore even when flying now. Previously they had a rest. It’s worth it though.

  21. Helps me look up things to do while in route when I run out of time to research before my trip.

  22. Don’t really work while flying but enjoy email and chat.

  23. It allows me to get my work done while I am on the plane

  24. Wifi helps me to read flyer talk and other blogs

  25. I can keep in touch by reading emails, blogs, ans follow the news all while in the air.

    Comment by Nickfromct on August 30th, 2013 at 8:33 am
  26. in flight wi-fi keeps me productive in air and I get more time to read blogs :)

  27. It lets me be productive

  28. In-Flight wi-fi has helped me spend more money shopping online!

  29. I generally don’t have the focus of attention span to do lots of work on my laptop in flight (especially since there is no room to spread out in coach). I do, however, really like using GoGo to connect to my work email and clean out and move messages within my inbox – it makes me much more productive and organized after an hour or two of on board maintenance.

  30. It allows me to see if there are any last minutes changes going on at my destination.

  31. I can keep tabs on remainder of my travel plans and kep in touch with my family to make sure they’re aware if I’m delayed.

  32. No more inflight boredom.

  33. I like inflight Wi-Fi because it allows me to track the progress of the flight.

  34. Inflight wifi lets me stay productive toward my dissertation when I’m flying transcons to visit my S/O and my family!

  35. If the flight has Gogo Wifi, it is a GO flight for me!!!!

    Comment by Santastico on August 30th, 2013 at 9:11 am
  36. Able to get work done..

  37. Inflight Wi-Fi is great for me since I run an internet business. I need to be online all the time.

  38. Infinite IFE!

  39. In flight wifi seems to make the plane go twice as fast

  40. With the inflight wifi I stay focused on my cell phone but not annoy my companion or play around with my seat.

  41. I enjoy that I can access some things but I really miss the days of being disconnected.

  42. Inflight wifi has allowed me to go for connections for more EQM rather than direct. More time in the air, but more enjoyable. Thank you for the contest.

  43. Since I fly mostly on Delta, I’ve almost come to expect WiFI on all of my flights. I use it to catch up on the news, as well as to IM friends.

  44. I can stream nfl games. Life is good!

  45. Because how else could i Post Instagram pics from 30,000 feet, and be the envy of everyone ;-)

  46. Allows me to check on connecting gate and flight information in case of a delay.

  47. It lets me plan my next trip while on one!

  48. I use it to feed my Pinterest addiction.

  49. Being able to keep up with email and other work in the air gives me more free time on the ground.

  50. Free in flight wifi would let me better track the last minute cruise prices to see if my last minute cruise has any chance of becoming a B2B cruise.

  51. Haven’t used it yet as I have always fallen asleep before takeoff but would love to be able to catch up the news on the ground while I’m in the air!

  52. Helps keep my son entertained with movies, shows, and games

  53. Allows me to read boarding area on my flight!

  54. I can follow your blog while in flight

  55. In flight wi-fi makes a longer flight go by so much quicker with the ability to go online

  56. I’m inflight right now & WiFi is allowing me to comment here to enter your contest.

  57. Allows me to at least pretend t be productive inflight…..

  58. It would be so cool to be able to Google and solve the argument between my husband and I, while in the air, instead if waiting until we land :)

  59. Being stuck on a plane finally affords me a chance to not feel guilty for spending hours aimlessly surfing the net!

  60. Having Internet access while flying is a blessing and a curse. Flying was formerly the only place where I could disconnect and catch up on reading, watching a movie, or some other neglected relaxation.

    Being able to get work done in the air helps free up time when I get on the ground, so depending on the circumstances I will use GoGo from time to time.

    Comment by MikeMilzz on August 30th, 2013 at 11:24 am
  61. Email all the time.

  62. In flight wifi makes it incredibly easy to be productive while flying!

  63. Instead of looking at the non-cloud work content I used to distract myself with (spreadsheets, powerpoints, downloaded e-mails), I can kick back and relax a little – read blogs, check out facebook/instagram, and of course check any late-breaking e-mails from my colleagues.

  64. As an online professor, healthcare consultant and self-professed miles and points junkie (else I wouldn’t be posting to this blog), I live and die by the Internet and on transcontinental flights (read “mileage runs”), having access to GoGo is an absolute lifesaver.

  65. It allows my kids to “stay connected” ensuring a pleasant flight!

  66. Less boredom on long flights

  67. In-flight WiFi has totally changed my productivity. Flights are no longer blackholes, but in fact some of the most productive work time I have. Plus, it lets me keep better track of my current flight, and any connection I’m making.

    Comment by Jonathan Kealing on August 30th, 2013 at 12:19 pm
  68. Wifi totally keeps me in contact for work. Things change hour by hour. I don’t have to worry about missing out.

  69. In-flight Wi-Fi sure makes time fly!

    Comment by Colin Reed on August 30th, 2013 at 12:41 pm
  70. Having wi-fi on board has allowed me to be connected.

  71. Makes cramped in coach flights a little more tolerable.

  72. I’m not slammed with e-mail when I land.

  73. It allows me to either work or read blogs (like yours)
    Work normally only on legs >1 1/2 hours airtime otherwise I’ll don’t get out my laptop

  74. Allowed me to find one of the few seats left on a connecting flight and notify the person picking me up of my new arrival time when a storm delayed our departure even though we left the gate on time. Really reduced the stress factor for me.

  75. Wifi allows me to rest on the weekends and do more work on the way to my meeting.

  76. Having wifi allows me to post to Facebook about the smelly guy in 7b.

  77. Allows me to not be forced to talk with my girlfriend the entire trip.

  78. No more resting, keep on working!

  79. Wifi….the only way to fly! Love staying connected with no interruptions.

  80. Keep on top of the news.

  81. What wifi? I fly United.

  82. Keeping in touch – for work and for pleasure

  83. I can use inflight Wi-Fi to research ways to earn more miles to pay for the flight I’m on!

  84. I love being able to use my iPad in the air!

  85. Gogo keeps me in touch when I need to be and entertained when I want to be.

  86. Great to not have all the emails all piled up when you land and nice for IFE.

  87. Would save me $14 so fingers crossed!

  88. Gogo allows me to research restaurants/activities/hotels at the destination city when I take spur of the moment trips.

  89. Gives me oppoturnity to post all my pictures online from travels

  90. In flight wifi would allow me to do some inflight blogging! :D

  91. I think that the ability to stay on top of work while flying is the best part of in flight wifi.

    Comment by Sam simon on August 30th, 2013 at 9:14 pm
  92. Gogo reduces my ability to escape work.

  93. Wifi in the air let’s me hack into other devices on the same network. j/k. ;)

  94. It makes the last segment, of long day’s travel, shorter.


  95. I’m so much more productive when I’m able to get online while flying.

  96. inflight Wifi lets me check my emails so that I would not miss any information while MR

  97. I haven’t had the opportunity to try inflight GoGo. I’d love to have the opportunit!

  98. It is really nice to be able to communicate with others while you are in flight if you are meeting up with them at a midpoint or final destination and they are starting from a different location than you are. Thanks MJ

    Comment by Brant Jackson on August 30th, 2013 at 9:50 pm
  99. Wi-fi makes coach slightly more tolerable. Some drinks would help with that too!

  100. It allows me to ignore the person sitting next to me, known or stranger by pretending to do serious work :)

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