Best of – Switching to AA? Meet ExpertFlyer

I am on vacation this week. Throughout the week, I will be posting “Best of” content which is picked based on total views received and known areas of reader interest. While I’m away, my internet time will be very limited, and I may be unable to respond to emails, comments, etc. This Best of MJ post appeared earlier this month, but is back so soon by popular demand. I remain, primarily, a Delta flyer. However, if there is one thing my AAdvantage in Atlanta experiment showed me, it was how much I missed having a tool like ExpertFlyer to accompany me during my travels. Since I don’t really mileage run, I won’t be talking about the things you can do with a combo of ExpertFlyer and ITA…

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The Weekly Recap – August 16, 2015


By the time you see this, I’ll likely be up in the air and on the way to vacation. As I noted yesterday, I’m going off the grid for a few days, and will not be continuously checking email, Twitter, the blog, etc. There is some fairly decent “best of” content in the queue while I’m away. Here’s a look at the past week’s posts. A Word on Delta’s Discount Award Pricing Carnival Goes Social with New Internet Options Video: Tech and Entertainment Meet on Anthem of the Seas Does a Traveler in Atlanta Ever Really Want to Swear Off Delta? Best of – Cruise Line Drink Packages Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!!!! -MJ, August 16, 2015

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Best of – Cruise Line Drink Packages

I am currently on vacation, ironically on another cruise where I again purchased the drink package. I will keep records on this cruise for a future blog post on breakeven points at current package vs. a la carte prices. This blog post originally appeared in November 2014. If you read the blog often, you know that I have a cruise coming up. Specifically, Royal Caribbean’s Quantum of the Seas. It’s a pretty lengthy 11-night cruise to the Caribbean from New York. Sailing from the New York area in December means a couple of things. First, it’s going to be chilly at the beginning and the end of the cruise, and warm in the middle. Second, we are going to have a string of…

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Gone Fishing

I will be taking a late summer vacation beginning today. Unlike my Quantum of the Seas cruise, I am going mostly off the grid for several days and will not be monitoring email, Twitter, or blog comments around the clock. There will be some “Best of” content posting each morning while I’m away that has proven useful to readers based on pageviews. Hopefully, the refresher posts will help those who missed it the first time around or serve as a reminder for those who are seeing it again. I’ll be back. -MJ, August 14, 2015

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Does a Traveler In Atlanta Ever Really Want to Swear Off Delta?

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I am frequently called a Delta apologist by nice people. Others call me worse. Of course, the majority of flights I have flown this year have been on airlines not named Delta, but I digress. I am not mad at Delta, its frequent flier program, or anything else. I made a decision to fly some other airlines in the past year for purely selfish reasons – I saved money at times, saved myself a bit of time every now and then, and it made for some material to share on the blog that hopefully served as useful information to other travelers. However, here I am 8 months into the year facing a question – does someone who flies frequently for business and…

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Carnival Goes Social With New Internet Options

carnival breeze

Carnival Cruise Line has begun offering social media internet packages for $5 per day. The packages are available now on over half of the company’s ships, with the remainder coming online by the first quarter of 2016. Carnival’s enhanced internet offerings offer increased bandwidth  and the new social media package option offers access to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Pinterest and other popular sites. According to the company, the new social media offering “is unique in that it allows guests a convenient, flexible and highly affordable option for updating their favorite social media channels during their cruise at one low price.” In other “e-news” Carnival is introducing a new app, Carnival HUB, aboard Carnival Breeze which offers a chat feature, as…

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A Word on Delta’s Discount Award Prices

delta air lines, pilot, tentative agreement, 737 order

Delta Points broke the news earlier today that there were some unusually low award prices popping up on Delta Points has several examples posted. Since I’m traveling to Paris in the fall, I thought I’d check pricing just for grins and I did find some “discount” pricing in coach. (Note: these prices are one-way) Seven days in October with 21K one-way pricing…not bad. While I am personally not interested in crossing any ocean in the coach cabin of an airplane, there are are plenty of people who do not care about premium cabin seating. Just for grins, I checked business class availability and did not find any “discount” award pricing. There is a bit of Level 1 availability late…

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