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Barclays Arrival Chip & PIN Experiences

When news hit that the Barclaycard Arrival Plus™ World Elite MasterCard® was being tweaked to include Chip & PIN capability, I dutifully ordered mine the minute the option became available on the website. At the time, I knew my next most likely opportunity to try the chip capabilities would be on a then forthcoming trip to Canada. Now, when you receive the card, the materials that come with it refer to the card as Chip & Signature with PIN capability. They also say that you must sign for your first transaction in an international location, but then you should be able to use your PIN. After enjoying a first lunch in Canada, I used my Arrival+ to pay. The card machine…

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The Weekly Recap – July 5, 2014

A happy holiday weekend to you from Vancouver, BC. I’ve often heard Vancouver called the most beautiful city in North America, and I do quite like it. Part of me wishes we could stay a little longer, but it’s been an enjoyable visit. We’re not here to tour, but to visit family, but have managed to work in a bit of sightseeing and experiencing new things – not counting eating Chinese food for lunch on the 4th of July in Canada, but I digress. I was wondering if this visit to Canada would offer the opportunity to test the Chip & PIN capability of my Barclays Arrival Card. According to the materials that came with the card, it is Chip…

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Discussion Point – Will I Need a Chip & PIN Card in Europe?

This fall’s trip to Europe has me thinking about Chip & PIN credit cards. I may never forget running up and down the platform at the train station in Rome very late one evening trying to buy a ticket from Roma Termini to FCO with no luck because I did not have a credit card with a stupid chip in it. As it turns out, I need not have run so much because they took cash on the train, thankfully. Suffice it to say I got my exercise that night. While it turned out ok in the end, I haven’t stopped asking every credit card company I’ve done business with when they would be issuing Chip & PIN cards. Each…

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