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Closing Arrival Plus and My Retention Non-Offer

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My Barclaycard Arrival+ has been on the ropes with me for a while given the changes they made to the card most recently. It’s not the worst card in the world, but the redemption changes coupled with the removal of the TripIt Pro subscription that came with it made paying the $89 annual fee a challenge for me. When my AAdvantage Aviator Red card matched the Arrival+’s redeeming quality, Chip and PIN capability at unattended terminals, it’s fate was sealed. I gave Barclays a call and told them I wanted to cancel. They of course asked why, and I gave them all the reasons listed here. The agent advised that my account was “eligible” to downgrade to the no annual fee…

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Chipping and Dipping But Where Is My PIN?


October 1 came and went, and the world did not spin off its axis. What am I talking about? The EMV liability shift, of course. Huh? October 1 was the day the fine folks at the card companies declared that the USA would finally move to the Europay, MasterCard, and Visa (EMV) standard for credit card payments and incentivized merchants by transferring the liability for fraudulent transactions to the merchants, not the banks. What does that mean? Basically, as of October 1, if a customer presents an EMV capable card for payment, and the merchant swipes the card because they don’t have EMV equipment, the merchant is responsible for covering the charges if they turn out to be fraudulent. What is…

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Keeping Promises – Marriott Premier Rewards Visa CLOSED

Several weeks ago, I wrote a post on my declining interest in continuing to carry the Marriott Rewards Premier Visa. While I could still use the annual category 5 certificate that it provides, the truth is that with devaluation over time, that certificate is no longer a compelling value to me. Once upon a time, I could use it for one of my favorite pre-cruise hotels, the JW Marriott Miami, but no more. While the $85 annual fee isn’t horrendous, I’ve been looking for a reason to cull my credit card inventory, and this card was at the top of the list. Just a little while ago I called to close the account. The account was closed and the credit…

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Credit Card Inventory

I never have been, and likely never will be the enthusiast who has 75 (OK, I’m making that number up, but I’ve heard of having 75 active accounts) different credit cards rolling at one time. Just not my thing. In fact, I probably have fewer credit cards open than the majority of BoardingArea readers. Right now, I’m taking a little break from spending strategies to obtain miles. In fact, I was on a break when the vaunted 100K Citi AAdvantage Executive offer came out. After a bit of pontificating, that one proved to be too much for me to ignore. However, after hitting my goals there, I returned to my respite from credit cards. Believe me, I haven’t sworn off…

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