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Cruise to Nowhere Planned? Check Your Booking

Carnival was first to announce a change in the U.S. view on cruises to nowhere via Sr. Cruise Director John Heald’s Facebook page. Disappointing news :Due to recent changes in how ships are cleared into and out of the United States by U.S…. Posted by John Heald on Thursday, June 11, 2015 I never knew the backstory on “cruises to nowhere” but a read of the Passenger Vessel Services Act leads me to think they were an exception that has long been OK as long as vessels entered international waters. This Seatrade Cruise News article adds even greater clarity. “Revenue cruises to nowhere from US ports on foreign-flag ships are coming to an end. Traditionally such short sailings have been…

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My Three Favorite First Time Cruise Tips

I get a lot of questions about cruising. They run the gamut from “what part of the ship should I book a stateroom” to “how much I should plan to spend on beer.” Like all things, the answer to those questions is “it depends.” Questions about cruising are numerous, and I’ve provided a lot of answers to many questions in my “Cruising for Beginners” primer. All the advice you can get is never a bad thing, and my thoughts for beginners are by no means meant to imply that something you won’t read there will not be a great idea for you. However, as I think back over my cruising and blogging career, I’m certain I could boil down the…

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Cruising with MJ – Setting Sail On Your Own the MJ Way

Cruising with MJ – The Series Cruising with MJ – Setting Sail on Your Own the MJ Way Cruising with MJ – A Word on Picking the Right Cruise Line for You Cruising with MJ – You’ve Booked Your Cruise So Now What? Cruising with MJ – Let’s Get Packed Cruising with MJ – It’s Almost Time to Cruise! What Do I Do Now? Cruising with MJ – Three Days Until Sail Away Cruising with MJ – Embarkation Day (It’s Time to Play) It’s probably no surprise that I get a lot of emails about cruise vacations. In fact, cruising, and information about it is one of the top 2 drivers of visits to this blog. As you know, I…

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High Expectations on the High Seas?

Guess what? Chris Elliott wrote an article that didn’t totally hack me the heck off. Yesterday’s piece entitled “Maybe It’s Time to Lower Your Expectations at High Sea“ struck a nerve…but not an angry one…well, not much of an angry one. I consider myself an experienced cruiser. I’m not the most experienced, I’m just experienced (30 cruises), have some confidence in the lines I choose to frequent, and enjoy being at sea. All the other mostly self-inflicted drama that some unfortunate souls seem to complain to folks like Mr. Elliott about….well…. I’ll leave that to others. To be honest, I have booked a few cruises during hurricane season, mostly towards the end of the season. The results, so far, have…

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The Cruising Crowd With MJ is Today!

Hello from the 2012 Chicago Seminars! Rick, Howie, and company have put together an amazing event, and I’ve already met so many interesting people with like minds about all things travel. This is mainly an airline and hotel points-centric crowd, but tonight at 6PM, there’s something a little different on the agenda, The Cruising Crowd with Marshall Jackson. I’ll be sharing my thoughts on cruise vacations and the cruise lifestyle with a focus on the following topics: Why Cruise? Researching Your Options Booking Your Cruise Preparing to Sail Life on Board The Value of Loyalty Can’t wait to meet more of you during today’s sessions and tonight at The Cruising Crowd. Looking forward to another great and informative day at…

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