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Royal Caribbean Discounting Beverage Packages

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I’ve blogged on the virtues of cruise line drink packages before. While they are very much a YMMV situation depending on your habits, they are worth a few minutes of consideration in your cruise vacation planning. At best, they really can save you money. At worst, you know most of the cost of your cruise in advance and don’t have to worry about blowing your budget. Royal Caribbean is running a promotion right now the offers 20 percent off the cost of your beverage package. I can’t guarantee it is available on every sailing, but reports are widespread that if you log into and enter your “Cruise Planner” to shop for the packages, you’ll see the promotion. I did…

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A Global Entry Benefit I Had Not Planned On


Global Entry is one of those handful of things that I consider a “must have” in most travelers’ tool kits. For international travel, the benefits are obvious – access to kiosks to complete your entry requirements when arriving in the USA while avoiding the lines with the masses. As about a once per year international flyer, the biggest benefit of Global Entry for me is having a Known Traveler Number for access to PreCheck. The fact that my Amex Platinum reimburses the $100 fee every 5 years makes it a no-brainer to get and keep Global Entry in my situation. (Feature image credit: Shutterstock) One of the things I’ve secretly wished to see is a Global Entry kiosk at cruise ports. In…

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On Why Carnival Triumph Won’t Stop Me From Cruising

Today, I visited the home office for a few minutes. It’s no secret to anyone I work with that I like to cruise. Frankly, I’ve been referred to as my office’s private travel agent on more than one occasion, and that’s not far off. As I was walking between offices today, I was stopped by no less than 4 people to discuss the situation surrounding Carnival Triumph and my thoughts on it. One or two people seemed perplexed that I tacitly waived off the situation and stated that I had 4 cruises booked through early 2014 right now, and really thought the whole thing was a bit of hyped up drama. Let’s face it. I wasn’t there, but neither were…

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Cruising with MJ – You’ve Booked Your Cruise So Now What?

Cruising with MJ – The Series Cruising with MJ – Setting Sail on Your Own the MJ Way Cruising with MJ – A Word on Picking the Right Cruise Line for You Cruising with MJ – You’ve Booked Your Cruise So Now What? Cruising with MJ – Let’s Get Packed Cruising with MJ – It’s Almost Time to Cruise! What Do I Do Now? Cruising with MJ – Three Days Until Sail Away Cruising with MJ – Embarkation Day (It’s Time to Play) In the third post in my Cruising with MJ series, I’m going to talk about the weeks and months leading up to your cruise. I’ll talk about things you should consider at booking or within a few…

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Project Sunshine = Quantum Class

Royal Caribbean just announced that their next two ships will be named Quantum of the Seas and Anthem of the Seas. These ships will be part of the new Quantum Class of vessels, according to the cruise line. “The new ship will be such a leap forward in terms of vessel design and guest experiences that we thought the name Quantum of the Seas was perfectly appropriate,” according to Royal Caribbean International President and CEO Adam Goldstein. So there you have it. Can’t wait to see more details on these new ships.

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Attention Frequent Floaters

Pay attention to the interwebs tomorrow, as according to Royal Caribbean’s PR Twitter feed, we can expect a major announcement about their upcoming Project Sunshine vessels sometime tomorrow. Could we finally get a glimpse of what these new ships are going to look like? I’ve got nothing but rampant speculation, so I can’t wait to see what the company has to say. My guess: we’ll see the logical extension of the Freedom Class vessels incorporating features from Oasis. And my money is on RCL introducing something brand new and unique to Project Sunshine too. Stay tuned.

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Reader Question: Which Credit Card Do You Use For Cruising?

A reader writes: Hey Marshall, I enjoy reading your blog and also enjoy traveling and…CRUISING (esp. with Celebrity!)!  I thought you would like to know the current season of Top Chef (Seattle) will have an episode where they cook on the Celebrity Millennium during an Alaska itinerary.  Do you have a credit card you recommend using to pay for cruises (free insurance/trip interruption/etc)?  Keep up the good work! Thank you very much, MJ Responds: Hi there. Thank you for your email. I had seen a couple of advertisements for that Top Chef episode. Looks like fun. 🙂 Credit cards and cruises are a trick. There is no one perfect solution, and I am not aware of any card that provides the…

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On “Cruise Illness”

One of the the questions I get more than any other from first time cruisers, or people just thinking about taking their first cruise is what about “that virus thing?” That virus thing, known as Norovirus is on the television news as I type this post, in fact, as Cunard’s Queen Mary II has apparently been stricken with a higher than average number of sick passengers. My friend, The Weekly Flyer, over at Points, Miles, and Martini’s sent me this article and I thought it was worth a blog. I also think it’s worth noting that in the case of the Queen Mary II, approximately 200 passengers and crew have contracted Norovirus, but the total number of passengers and crew…

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