The disastrous results of SkyMiles 2015 are in – Delta earned more money in the first quarter of 2015 than in any other Q1 in its history. From Delta’s press release: Delta’s adjusted pre-tax income for the March 2015 quarter was $594 million, an increase of $150 millionover the March 2014 quarter on a similar basis.  Delta’s adjusted net income for… Read full article

Bloomberg is reporting that Delta Air Lines is considering establishing a hub in Shanghai. Let’s take a closer look at what was reported. The article quoted Delta CEO Richard Anderson in an employee message. “When you think about what our strategy is long-term, we need to have a hub in Shanghai like the one we… Read full article

Over the last few days, Delta rolled out an updated version of its smartphone apps. I just picked it up on the iTunes app store last night. Most useful in this update is the addition of the ability to view seatmaps and select seats during the booking process. This fixes a big problem for the app… Read full article

You might remember that Delta has launched a partnership with Hertz that will grant you some level of Hertz status depending on your SkyMiles Medallion status (Gold and higher). This promotion first became available back in December. I registered immediately, but was advised that my registration had already been processed and I needed to wait…. Read full article

Delta’s rebrand of its former Economy Comfort product has caught a bit of ribbing by some. Why? It’s easy to just shorten Comfort+ to C+. Last week, was my first opportunity to try the product since its March 1 introduction. While coach will always be coach, there are a few things that are hard to ignore…. Read full article

Let’s talk about an airline for a minute. The core purpose of an airline is transportation between points on a map. The free Coke and pretzels, even the miles, are somewhat secondary. I look for three things in an airline – reliability, convenience, reasonable (not cheap) price. Everything else falls into something I call nice… Read full article

There has been a bit of news in the papers and the blogosphere about Alaska Airlines recently. Admittedly, I’m guilty of my own bit of pontification about Alaska. The articles in the local Seattle press have run the gamut culminating in a piece Thursday in the Puget Sound Business Journal on the possibility of Seattle losing… Read full article

A headline caught my eye yesterday – Analyst amazed by Alaska Airlines’s ability to fight off Delta, not ‘just roll over and die’. The article, from the Puget Sound Business Journal, goes on to quote IdeaWorks Co. President Jay Sorenson, “I don’t think it’s gone according to plan for Delta, because Alaska Airlines didn’t just roll… Read full article

Here’s a headline I didn’t expect to see, Delta Woos Hollywood Elite with Invite Only ‘Party Plane’. The Bloomberg story goes on with the details: “Everyone on Delta Air Lines Inc.’s 11:30 a.m. flight from Los Angeles to the South by Southwest festival on Friday will get expedited security processing, complimentary cocktails and a chance… Read full article

Yesterday’s news that Delta was announcing some changes to SkyMiles 2015 was met with some raised eyebrows. In the end, depending on your travel patterns, the changes could be a net positive. The addition of 10,000 mile one-ways in select markets is a net positive, assuming they are available for a route you desire. However,… Read full article

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