I know the jury is out on revenue-based mileage programs, but the advent of SkyMiles 2015 has brought us the ability to book a one-way award. While I can’t understand why it took so long, it is what it is…..the SkyMiles one-way award is here. Shortly after midnight I nabbed award seats in Business Elite… Read full article

Just in from Delta – Delta is offering an award sale with mileage discounts of up to 10,000 miles* roundtrip. Book by November 2, 2014, and fly between December 3, 2014, and February 18, 2015. I haven’t tried any itineraries, but notable, but not all – inclusive terms and conditions are: *Saver Award Tickets will be… Read full article

Delta may raise its spend requirements for elite status. I had not expected them to do so this soon.

#InsideDelta – A Look Behind the Scenes at Delta Air Lines (Part 1) #InsideDelta – A Look Behind the Scenes at Delta Air Lines (Part 2) #InsideDelta – Two Questions I Wish I’d Asked Delta CEO Richard Anderson (Part 3) In my final piece on the #InsideDelta event I attended last week, I’m going to… Read full article

I’m frequently accused of a lot of things when it comes to Delta Air Lines. Words like apologist, misguided, and Kool Aid consumer are used. I suppose if a mileage program were the only reason I traveled, those words and perhaps a few others might be on target. A look at the top 3 reasons I… Read full article

About a year ago, I wrote Santa and asked for just three things from SkyMiles. It wasn’t that I did not desire more, I just thought it best to pick three improvements that Delta could make to the program and hope for the best. For posterity’s sake lets review my wishes. One-way Awards A Working… Read full article

Lucky and this FT thread have the specifics of the most recent adjustment in the Delta-Alaska codeshare relationship covered. The cities dropped are by no means all of the two carriers’ codeshare markets. I do not think the end of this relationship is near, but that does not mean it isn’t coming. A Few Speculative… Read full article

Yesterday, I penned my “last word” on SkyMiles until we see the new award chart post. I might have provided a short opinion piece on the history of the domestic airline industry too. Sorry. Hey…it’s my name at the top, but on to our show. When I typed that on Tuesday night, I had no… Read full article

The 2015 SkyMiles award charts are now appearing on Delta.com. My first impression is that these aren’t bad, but I have not done a complete analysis. I am expecting some sort of announcement from Delta very soon. In the meantime, have a look at the new award charts for yourself. Edited: Here is the complete… Read full article

I’ve been thinking about this since Delta first announced its transition to a new revenue based program last week. I really can’t fit all the words describing this post inside the space of a reasonable title. With that, let me try a full description – My Last Word on SkyMiles Until We See the New… Read full article

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