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The Fly Delta App for iPad Sends Birthday Greetings Too

You may have read my review of the Fly Delta app for iPad. If you did, you know I like it. You also know that it features Glass Bottom Jet and other cool things to help you fly better with Delta. What I did not know the app could do was wish you a happy birthday. I’ll let the picture speak for itself. I flew Delta on my birthday (2/6), but I used my MacBook Air during that flight. Opened up the Fly Delta app for iPad yesterday (2/7), and Delta wished me a happy birthday! 🙂 Seemed like an ideal thing to blog about on a Friday night! Thanks Delta!

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Delta Introduces an Interesting iPad App

Delta Air Lines introduced a new Fly Delta app for iPad on Friday. According to the company, the app “…is part of a $140 million investment in technology implemented by Delta. The launch of the app is latest in a phased rollout of a significantly improved online and digital customer experience which also included the 2012 launches of the new delta.com in November and revamped self-service kiosks in September.” I haven’t seen the difference in kiosks because I almost always check in via Delta’s iPhone app (also updated Friday). I was flying Delta Friday afternoon, so I took the opportunity to try the new Fly Delta app for iPad. You can view Delta’s promotional video on the new app here. I was…

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