American Airlines is making steady progress towards one brand by rapidly repainting its fleet of aircraft. According to, American “has repainted 169 American mainline and 104 US Airways mainline aircraft, including all of the 24 US Airways widebodies, out of the 325 and 301, respectively, that it intends to keep, it says in an… Read full article

Late last year, I penned a couple of posts about experimenting with US Airways here in Atlanta. I concluded then that I could live with the AA/US network, but I wasn’t likely to just start flying them exclusively from Delta’s biggest hub. Then, things happened. Believe me, I haven’t stopped flying Delta, but Southwest is… Read full article

If you, like me, are a past guest aboard Royal Caribbean’s Quantum of the Seas, be sure to check your email for a little gift from Royal Caribbean. For the record, I really enjoyed Dynamic Dining, and did not experience a lot of the issues that have been posted online – long lines, slow service,… Read full article

Please don’t try this at home…..or at the Capitol Building. Apparently an over-motivated mailman from Florida has decided to take it upon himself to deliver a message on campaign finance reform personally to all 535 members of Congress by flying his gyrocopter onto the Capitol lawn with 535 letters. Here’s the story from the Tampa… Read full article

The disastrous results of SkyMiles 2015 are in – Delta earned more money in the first quarter of 2015 than in any other Q1 in its history. From Delta’s press release: Delta’s adjusted pre-tax income for the March 2015 quarter was $594 million, an increase of $150 millionover the March 2014 quarter on a similar basis.  Delta’s adjusted net income for… Read full article

If you were wondering what Southwest had in store after its teaser Tweet yesterday, wonder no more. The airline has selected seats from B/E Aerospace for its new 737MAX fleet as well as upcoming 737-800 deliveries beginning in mid-2016. Here’s a look at the seats. (Images courtesy of Southwest Airlines) “The new aircraft seats are… Read full article

Around an hour ago I was catching up on the evening news when a “breaking report” came in. An Alaska Airlines flight had experienced an emergency landing. The reason – loud banging and screaming from the cargo hold after takeoff! I immediately turned to MrsMJ and said “betcha he was asleep.” Alaska is now out with… Read full article

The latest Airline Quality Rating (AQR) report is out, and the news is another black eye for the airline industry. Or is it? As far as I can tell, the AQR takes statistics already published elsewhere, assigns some numbers to them, and spits out a rating. Here’s what the AQR is in the words of its authors…. Read full article

I’ve always regretted never having the opportunity to fly Pan Am. An airline and a brand that represented the best of America. Thanks to the Air Hollywood Studios, I no longer have to wonder what I was missing. Join me and a group of first class travel enthusiasts as we embark on the Pan Am… Read full article

This week, I’ll be heading to DFW on Friday for Frequent Traveler University. It’s been a while since I’ve attended an FTU, and I’m looking forward to seeing some old friends and making new ones. If you’re headed to FTU, please be sure to say hello! Let’s look at the posts from last week at… Read full article

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