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New Delta Sky Club Now Open at SFO

Image courtesy of Delta Air Lines

Delta Air Lines has opened its newest Sky Club at the San Francisco International Airport. Unlike the old club, the new Sky Club is located beyond security, and has been doubled in size. The new space occupies 9,900 sq. ft. and is Delta’s signature club offering all of the latest Sky Club amenities including: A full menu designed by signature Chef Mai Pham (Author, Culinary Instructor, Chef and Founder of SFO’s finest Thai restaurant – LemmonGrass) Food options including healthy selections like Greek yogurt, fresh bagels, hot soup and tasty salads THE BAR at Delta Sky Club® (a selection of premium spirits, new local complimentary local IPA craft beer from Anchor Steam Brewing Co., seasonal cocktails, including inspired cocktails by signature chef, Mai Pham)…

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Delta in Partnership with Nine Universities

Celebration Grill - Image courtesy of Delta Air Lines

Delta Air Lines is launching a partnership with nine universities across the country this fall. According to the airline, the effort will “go beyond traditional stadium signage to embed the airline and its employees in campus and alumni events, academics and career recruiting and counseling, all in an effort to become a lifelong travel partner to future customers.” Delta is partnering with Duke University, The University of Florida, Indiana University, University of Michigan, Michigan State University, University of Notre Dame, The Ohio State University, Penn State University and University of Wisconsin. It already has partnerships with Boston College, Georgia Institute of Technology, University of Georgia, University of Minnesota, University of North Carolina, and Syracuse University. According to Delta, the effort will include: Delta employees providing hands-on help as 10,000 new freshmen arrive for Michigan State Sparty Move-In Day Aug.…

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Does a Traveler In Atlanta Ever Really Want to Swear Off Delta?

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I am frequently called a Delta apologist by nice people. Others call me worse. Of course, the majority of flights I have flown this year have been on airlines not named Delta, but I digress. I am not mad at Delta, its frequent flier program, or anything else. I made a decision to fly some other airlines in the past year for purely selfish reasons – I saved money at times, saved myself a bit of time every now and then, and it made for some material to share on the blog that hopefully served as useful information to other travelers. However, here I am 8 months into the year facing a question – does someone who flies frequently for business and…

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A Word on Delta’s Discount Award Prices

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Delta Points broke the news earlier today that there were some unusually low award prices popping up on Delta Points has several examples posted. Since I’m traveling to Paris in the fall, I thought I’d check pricing just for grins and I did find some “discount” pricing in coach. (Note: these prices are one-way) Seven days in October with 21K one-way pricing…not bad. While I am personally not interested in crossing any ocean in the coach cabin of an airplane, there are are plenty of people who do not care about premium cabin seating. Just for grins, I checked business class availability and did not find any “discount” award pricing. There is a bit of Level 1 availability late…

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Alaska Mileage Plan – Even More Compelling

alaska airlines, delta air lines, partnership

Alaska Mileage Plan announced a deeper partnership with American Airlines this morning. Mileage Plan members have had access to American’s expanded network of soon to be former US Airways flights since the schedule change that converted all US Airways flights to American Airlines flights just over 2 weeks ago. According to Alaska Airlines, “members of Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan now have access to book nearly 3,000 more daily flights on partner American Airlines following the most recent phase of the airline’s reservation system migration.” When the systems merge on October 17, “Mileage Plan members will enjoy seamless access to the world’s largest airline and have even more options to earn and redeem miles for award travel.” There is more. Effective August 15,…

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Did You Receive a Delta Amex Survey?

Delta, SkyMiles, Amex

Something interesting appeared in my email yesterday, a survey invitation from American Express about my Delta SkyMiles Platinum Amex card. The survey took about 20 minutes, and was thorough. It’s focus was on the benefits received from the card, and cardmember knowledge of them. I realized about 19 minutes into the 20 minute exercise that I should have been taking screen shots of some of the questions. One of my favorites was whether I was spending more or less on the card than last year. After hitting bonus MQM thresholds 2 years in a row, here’s where Boardingarea’s Managing Director of SkyMiles Apologism is on spend as of August 1, 2015. I’ve spoken to a couple of Delta Amex users I know, and neither…

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Delta’s Stylin’ New A319 Interior Takes Flight

Screen Shot 2015-07-30 at 1.33.56 PM

Delta’s first refurbished A319 aircraft will re-join the airline’s fleet this week following an “extreme makeover.” As part of a previously announced refurbishment project, the A319s are receiving: Panasonic in-flight entertainment at every seat USB and 110v power outlets Large pivoting overhead bins New galleys and new pod-like overhead passenger service units The refurbished A319s are configured with 12 first class, 18 Comfort Plus, and 102 main cabin seats. At a total of 132 seats, this is up 6 seats from the old configuration. The new seats are of the “slim line” variety, enabling Delta to add another row in the main cabin. I’ll withhold judgment until I actually sit in one of those seats. I do love the addition of…

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Delta’s Fall Fare Sale – Money and Miles


Delta Air Lines launched a fare sale for fall travel late last night. Fares are starting at $74 and in a unique twist, just 5,000 miles, plus taxes and fees each way based on roundtrip purchase. You must book by August 6, and travel between August 6 and December 16, 2015. Fall fare sales are a pretty traditional thing, but this time around Delta is touting its low mileage “fares” and even offering some as low as 5,000 miles each way. Historically, I would have a hard time using miles for a flight that only costs $200 roundtrip, but recent changes at SkyMiles change that math a bit. A few examples: I have never been one to care strictly about cents per mile valuations, but these aren’t…

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The Other Side of Miles are Like Money

Delta ripped the bandage off…finally, and we are where we are. You know my take on revenue-based. Overall, I actually earn more miles, but one could be forgiven for asking just what those miles are worth? One thing my AAdvantage in Atlanta experiment along with a dabble of Southwest have taught me is that there are alternatives to Delta in Atlanta. That said, flying isn’t a leisure occupation for me, it’s a job requirement. The likelihood that a business traveler who lives 20 minutes from the busiest airport in the world and Delta’s biggest hub just walks from Delta based on the mileage program just isn’t that high. At the same time, jumping off the “status” hamster wheel has freed me…

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