A headline caught my eye yesterday – Analyst amazed by Alaska Airlines’s ability to fight off Delta, not ‘just roll over and die’. The article, from the Puget Sound Business Journal, goes on to quote IdeaWorks Co. President Jay Sorenson, “I don’t think it’s gone according to plan for Delta, because Alaska Airlines didn’t just roll… Read full article

Yesterday’s news that Delta was announcing some changes to SkyMiles 2015 was met with some raised eyebrows. In the end, depending on your travel patterns, the changes could be a net positive. The addition of 10,000 mile one-ways in select markets is a net positive, assuming they are available for a route you desire. However,… Read full article

Another fun-filled week of ice and snow here at MJ on Travel. A little Cincinnati in the winter time is enough, just to return home for ice in the ATL, and a personal trip to Raleigh for….you guessed it, more snow. Good times. I’ll be in the office this week though, and that’s a good… Read full article

Last night, DeltaPoints posted that he had heard from a Delta representative on the issue of Delta.com producing higher prices for award travel when checking “I Am Traveling” on the website. Further, the company made an announcement on FlyerTalk too. The gist of the announcement: they identified the error that was causing awards to price… Read full article

A couple of days ago, I wrote a post that most would take as supportive of Delta Air Lines. I noted in the post a few reasons why I think Delta will continue to be successful in spite of changes to its loyalty program. There were some spirited comments back and forth which are worth… Read full article

Delta Air Lines is out today with a new baggage delivery guarantee. If your checked bag doesn’t arrive on the carrousel in 20 minutes or less, Delta will give you 2,500 SkyMiles for your trouble. Alaska has had a similar timeliness guarantee for some time, and I’d wondered if Delta might come up with something… Read full article

I am almost all talked out when it comes to Delta SkyMiles and the latest news about the program. I know some of you are happy to hear that. Admittedly, I did not see removal of the award charts coming right now. There’s also the apparent 3-week advance purchase requirement – a change (whether it is… Read full article

There was a hail storm in Atlanta today. The trouble is, I couldn’t figure out if it was directed at me for not being quite as worked up as some about Delta’s most recent revelations, or if it was directed at Delta for doing what they’ve done. Afterall, a Cranky Jackass Award and a February hail… Read full article

Yesterday, I wrote about the latest change at Delta SkyMiles – removal of all award charts from Delta.com. I entitled that post “It’s Time for SkyMiles to Figure Out What It Wants to Be When it Grows Up.” Another way of saying that might be – “rip the Band-Aid® off” already!!! What do I mean?… Read full article

I suppose it’s hard to take away something that’s already been taken away, then put back, but not published. However, I’d say Delta has managed to do that. Just what the heck am I talking about? Per DeltaPoints, Delta has quietly removed the unpublished upgrade benefit for Platinum Medallions on the premium transcon routes from JFK… Read full article

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