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Delta’s Stylin’ New A319 Interior Takes Flight

Screen Shot 2015-07-30 at 1.33.56 PM

Delta’s first refurbished A319 aircraft will re-join the airline’s fleet this week following an “extreme makeover.” As part of a previously announced refurbishment project, the A319s are receiving: Panasonic in-flight entertainment at every seat USB and 110v power outlets Large pivoting overhead bins New galleys and new pod-like overhead passenger service units The refurbished A319s are configured with 12 first class, 18 Comfort Plus, and 102 main cabin seats. At a total of 132 seats, this is up 6 seats from the old configuration. The new seats are of the “slim line” variety, enabling Delta to add another row in the main cabin. I’ll withhold judgment until I actually sit in one of those seats. I do love the addition of…

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Delta’s Fall Fare Sale – Money and Miles


Delta Air Lines launched a fare sale for fall travel late last night. Fares are starting at $74 and in a unique twist, just 5,000 miles, plus taxes and fees each way based on roundtrip purchase. You must book by August 6, and travel between August 6 and December 16, 2015. Fall fare sales are a pretty traditional thing, but this time around Delta is touting its low mileage “fares” and even offering some as low as 5,000 miles each way. Historically, I would have a hard time using miles for a flight that only costs $200 roundtrip, but recent changes at SkyMiles change that math a bit. A few examples: I have never been one to care strictly about cents per mile valuations, but these aren’t…

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The Other Side of Miles are Like Money

Delta ripped the bandage off…finally, and we are where we are. You know my take on revenue-based. Overall, I actually earn more miles, but one could be forgiven for asking just what those miles are worth? One thing my AAdvantage in Atlanta experiment along with a dabble of Southwest have taught me is that there are alternatives to Delta in Atlanta. That said, flying isn’t a leisure occupation for me, it’s a job requirement. The likelihood that a business traveler who lives 20 minutes from the busiest airport in the world and Delta’s biggest hub just walks from Delta based on the mileage program just isn’t that high. At the same time, jumping off the “status” hamster wheel has freed me…

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On SkyMiles – That Bandage was Hiding Some Ugly Stuff

Months ago I called on Delta to rip the bandage off SkyMiles already. This week, they did, and that bandage was hiding some ugly stuff. Gary just posted some eye-popping mileage requirements for SkyMiles in the new “dynamic” world. His example was for west coast to Australia travel. Being the resident Atlantan on Boardingarea, I thought I’d do a little poking around for trips originating closer to home. Yes, that’s 605,000 miles each or 1.21 million total for MrsMJ and I to fly our hometown airline from our hometown airport to Sydney next summer. Granted, I did find a few other options in the 400K each range, but the million mile award trip is new territory. Needless to say, we won’t be…

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Delta Ripped the Bandage Off

Shortly after the disappearance of the SkyMiles award charts a few months ago, I encouraged Delta Air Lines to rip the bandage off SkyMiles already. In that post I said “I believe all of this has been part of a plan to take SkyMiles to a purely revenue-based program, something more like Rapid Rewards than the traditional airline mileage program. I’m not one who religiously believes that one mile flown = one mile earned is the way to reward, and I think the words I’ve shared here on the topic support me on that. At the same time, I think it is incumbent upon any organization, whether they be an airline or a lawn service, to be upfront with its customers. There are…

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A Word on the Latest Delta SkyMiles News

SkyMiles announced the next phase of its journey towards a fully revenue-based loyalty program earlier today. I covered that news here. In summary, the following things are changing, and they aren’t all bad. Better transcontinental upgrades for Diamond and Platinum members – Effective July 21, 2015 you can use Regional Upgrade Certificates (RUCs) in addition to Global Upgrade Certificates for Delta One seats on eligible transcontinental flights between JFK and Los Angeles or San Francisco. (Note: Not so sure this is good news for Diamonds who were eligible for “phantom” upgrades day of departure.) One-way and lower-priced awards – One-way at just 7,500 miles (plus taxes and fees) now through February 2016. To see the best availability and deals, search at least 21 days prior…

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BREAKING: SkyMiles Dynamic Award Pricing and Other Big News


Big news from Delta SkyMiles today. First, the good news. Effective July 21, 2015, you can use Regional Upgrade Certificates (RUCs) to upgrade eligible transcontinental flights from JFK to LAX and SFO. This is an actual enhancement for Platinum Medallion members who can only earn RUCs. Currently, only Global Upgrade Certificates, available only to Diamond Medallion members, can be used. This is a good thing. There’s another good thing – Effective July 21, 2015, you can now earn Medallion Qualification Dollars (MQDs) when purchasing preferred seats, Delta Comfort+, and paid upgrades to the premium cabin.   Delta also reiterated that it is now offering someone-way award flights for as few as 7,500 miles now through February 2016, and seems to…

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AAdvantage Upgrade Success – A Reader Comments

On Monday I wrote a quick post on what I consider to be my near miraculous AAdvantage elite upgrade percentage as a Gold member. Fact is, it is miraculous….and awesome. However, reader Disco wrote with a fair question. “You said you spent $60 on upgrade stickers for ATL-DFW.  In theory, couldn’t you have just used “FCM” on Delta for roughly the same amount of money (or more, depending on your coach ticket price) and guaranteed the first class seat?  I know, it’s never guaranteed, the FCM price could be a lot higher, etc.  But while it’s great that you were upgraded on AA (who wouldn’t want an 89% upgrade percentage as a low-level elite?), it’s not much different than paying the…

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SkipLagged and SkyMiles – Just Like Money

Rene penned a piece this morning on using Skiplagged to maximize the value of your SkyMiles. In fairness, he was quite clear that this is NOT the thing to do if you intend to remain a member of the program. In fact, the title of the post was “Can SkipLagged & hidden city ticketing help with Delta awards? YES (but don’t do it)!” (emphasis mine) Having worked for another airline, I can’t count the number of messages I received from corporate security telling me to greet customer X on flight XXX to let them know that they’d been caught using “back to back” or “hidden city” ticketing. And by the way, the one-way walk up fare you’ll need to buy…

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Delta Completes Major LAX Upgrades

Delta flyers to/from Los Angeles can rejoice, Delta has completed some major upgrades at its LAX terminal. “We’re fast on our way to becoming the airline of choice in Los Angeles by understanding what moves L.A. – its most prominent industries, its most desired destinations, and its discerning customers’ required amenities for travel,” said Delta President Ed Bastian. “Our investments in T5 now offer Angelenos a more premium airport experience, from check-in to take-off.” A key part of the upgrade is the addition of a private Delta ONE check in area. According to Delta, “Delta ONE at LAX provides the most innovative premium check-in experience at LAX of any carrier and is consistent with Delta’s other premium offerings on-board and at the…

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